Life after 50: Do YOU Seem Old to Young People? Don’t Do These Everyday Things!

Are you doing things that make you seem old to young people? You might be surprised how some common behaviors and everyday habits are interpreted as “being old” by young people. So, if you care about being seen as “old” by younger friends and family, or concerned about ageism in the workplace, join our tongue-in-cheek […]

Relationships after 50: Is Your Man Emotionally Prepared for Retirement? What Women Need to Know!

Are you emotionally prepared for retirement? A lot of couples prepare for retirement financially, but are not aware of the emotional impact retirement can create, especially for men! Retirement can have a significant impact on a man’s identity and self-esteem, and consequently lead to unanticipated relationship issues. Robert Manni, Author and Host of Guy’s Guy […]

Financially Fit After 50: Are You Afraid to Face Your Retirement Fears?

Are you confused and afraid of the financial reality that lies ahead? You are not alone. At no other time in life do people have as many financial decisions to make as they do at age 50 and beyond. The number one fear among Americans today is not being able to retire. And it’s a […]

Facing Your Financial Fears: 3 Financial Mistakes to Avoid When Planning for Retirement!

The number one fear among people over 50 today is not being able to retire. And as retirement draws near, many of us baby boomers aren’t doing cartwheels. It’s understandable that many of us don’t want to face our financial fears, but it’s not advisable. Today, Managing Partner of Washington Wealth Advisors Todd Youngdahl joins […]

Is Starting a Business after 50 for You? What it Takes to Become an Internet Entrepreneur after 50!

Thinking of starting a business after 50 and becoming an internet entrepreneur? You’re not alone! People between 55 and 64 now comprise the largest group of entrepreneurs in life after 50. And whatever your motivation is for starting a new business after 50, recent studies show that older entrepreneurs are more likely to be successful […]

Life after 50: Are Worries About Saving for Retirement Keeping You from Living Your Life Today?

Do you feel overwhelmed with saving enough and adequately preparing for retirement? You’re not alone. As we hit 50, the escalating bombardment from financial planners coupled with fear-mongering media coverage can outright cripple us from living and enjoying our life today. We become consumed with worries about having enough in the future, and forget that […]