The Red Bag: Connecting the Journey of Healing Through Life, Death and Beyond


Internationally recognized Traumatic Stress & Integrative Healing Consultant, Paige Valdiserri, delivers a deeply personal account of how we can approach healing, living, and dying based on her personal and professional experience with trauma, illness, disease, life-changing events and what lies beyond death. From her transformational experience in New York City as a trauma therapist following the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the sands of Iraq and war-torn communities in Africa, this book delivers a powerful message as to how we can find meaning, purpose, and hope through some of the darkest and most challenging times. This book is a must-read for those dealing with chronic illness, disease or severe medical conditions, including the patients themselves and especially their caregivers.


Beginning with the unusual circumstances in which she was brought into this world and the clairvoyant gifts that were passed down to her from her grandmother, Paige reveals a number of extremely personal experiences from which to challenge your conception of life, death, and beyond. She offers a very personal experience with ‘death’ during her time in NYC following 9/11 and how this insight not only helps assist her clients but offers a way of conceptualizing death in a different way. Two chapters are devoted to her work with a young nursing student who succumbed to triple negative breast cancer at the tender age of 28 but continues to send messages to her family while also working through Paige to assist her with her current clients. This includes one of the most powerful and heartfelt messages from the mother of the young woman and should be read by any parent who has had to deal with the grieving process of losing their child. She also describes the painstaking ordeal of what it was like to be a caregiver for her husband as he battled through a four-year struggle with a mysterious chronic illness and offers guidance for those struggling with the caregiving role. This book will take you on a unique journey from start to finish and will leave you with a much different perspective on the healing process and how we can find meaning in the most difficult of times, even if that means trusting in messages from places we never imagined.

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