Steve Horsmon, Founder, Good Guys 2 Great Men

Founder, Good Guys 2 Great Men

Steve Horsmon is a Certified Professional Life Coach and the Founder of Good Guys 2 Great Men, LLC, a platform for men struggling in their relationships and wanting to become the man they are meant to be!

In his own words:

Who Am I?

I’m an ex-student, ex-engineer, ex-program manager, ex-corporate educator, and an ex-husband.
Just like you, I’ve been a good guy my whole life. Like all good guys I’ve worked hard, made a decent living and treated people kindly. I’ve tried to please everyone in my path – especially the women in my life.
I always thought that was the key to my success, satisfaction and happiness.
I was wrong…so VERY wrong.
What I’ve learned is what I now teach on an international level with thousands of men around the world.

What do I Do?

I turn on the light for good guys who are struggling in their relationships with women. Good guys call me when they have tried everything to rebuild the love and affection they want when all they have left is a kiss goodnight.  Then everything starts to change for them.
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