Rachel Monet, Dating, Relationship & Intimacy Coach

The Love Guru

Rachel Monet is a dating, relationship, and intimacy coach based in Newport Beach, California.  Since 2010, she’s helped hundreds of men and women bring love and intimacy back into their existing relationships or make healthier relationship choices after leaving dysfunctional long-term marriages.

When asked what she does, she’s likely to explain that she teaches people how to get along and create better relationships with people they aren’t especially fond of.  Then, she’ll flash a mischievous grin, wink, and tell you she works with a lot of married people…

It’s a story she personally knows all too well.  Shortly after marrying her best friend and lover, things started out well.  However, the honeymoon phase didn’t last long and soon after the birth of her first child, she lost her sex drive.  Convinced it was a medical condition, she sought treatment only to be dismissed by doctors and left to her own resources to figure it out.

With over twenty years of research trying to “figure it out” and still no sex drive, she finally decided to call it quits on the marriage.  Miraculously, upon exiting the marriage, her libido returned!  It was then she realized that nothing was physically wrong with her… it was the relationship that was the problem.

Nobody wants to get naked physically or emotionally with someone they don’t like!

After twenty+ years of research and development, Rachel developed a personalized 6-week intensive program with follow-up support that quickly and consistently gets her clients the life-changing and lasting results they weren’t able to get on their own or with traditional therapy.

While couples are a specialty, she also works with individuals who desire to break the cycle of getting into the same types of toxic relationships over and over again and make healthier, happier choices instead.

To learn more about Rachel Monet and request a complimentary exploratory session to see if her personalized Fast-Track Private Coaching Program is right for you, visit her website at

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