Kurt Johnsen, CEO of Simplified Genetics

Kurt Johnsen is a lifelong entrepreneur who over a decade ago dedicated his life (and companies) to one simple goal: to create healthy, happy, humans. At twelve years old Kurt created his first company and has been creating service companies ever since.

Kurt is the CEO of Simplified Genetics, the country’s most accurate and actionable genetic testing and analysis provider. His work with Simplified Genetics is reshaping how the fitness and weight management worlds view training and weight loss.

In 2001 Kurt founded the nationally recognized yoga system, American Power Yoga. Through American Power Yoga, Kurt has taught tens of thousands of students and has trained and certified hundreds of APY instructors. During this time, he has also hosted 80 episodes of the nationally televised show Yoga for Life, which has been translated into five languages and televised around the world. Kurt’s Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleader’s Body Slimming Yoga DVD won “Most Accessible Yoga DVD of 2010 in Fitness Magazine (Feb 2010). His latest project APY60 is a revolutionary home fitness program.

Kurt has over 20 years training in martial arts and yoga, and is a master (5th degree Black Belt) of the Lightening Fire Mountain System of Tibetan Kung Fu. He also trained in Lama Yoga, Needle in the Cotton (Tibetan Tai Chi), Chi Gong, acupuncture, herbology, Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Tai Chi Chuan. Kurt has explored many forms of meditation including lucid dreaming and out of body travel. He received a physical training certification from the Cooper Fitness Center in Dallas, TX. He also studied Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism and many forms of Christianity.

Aside from his pursuits in business, yoga and martial arts, Kurt is a father, a husband, a musician and an explorer. From diving with sharks in the Blue Hole, hiking Machu Picchu, surfing Costa Rica or snowboarding the nearest snow covered mountain top, he is constantly surveying and studying this amazing planet we share. Kurt continues to teach, train and learn.

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