Judith Claire, Sex & Relationship Counselor

Relationship Counselor & Coach

I’ve been doing personal, career and relationship counseling and coaching in Los Angeles for 33 years. I’m a big believer in happy endings and have been very successful in helping my clients achieve them.

The seeds of my way of thinking were planted in childhood. I joke that I started out being orthodox Jewish as a kid, then converted to being orthodox bohemian after attending the High School Music and Art in Manhattan. But the truth is that both influences have shaped how I look at life and the choices I make.

judith_claire_relationship_counselor5My early spiritual training taught to dig deep, question ideas and see if they passed the “truth test.” That’s led me to study and draw from many ancient and modern sources of wisdom, including Eastern and Western spiritual practices. I have trained rigorously in specific methods and techniques that get results – which is fortunate considering I’ve spent a lifetime learning these things.

From my arts training, I learnt how to apply the same basic creative principles to different art forms. As a result, I did comedy improvisation, wrote song lyrics (10 recorded) and screenplays, still paint and write in various formats. Becoming an artist also taught me that creativity meant being experimental, taking risks and having the courage to express your unique vision, whether on the canvas or in your life.

judith_claire_60sAll this came together nicely with the sexual revolution of the 60’s. As a young woman, I endeavored  to “make love, not war” and figure out by trial and error who I was sexually and what kind of relationship I wanted.

I’ve had one night stands, dated, enjoyed “friends with benefits” and had love affairs.  I’ve had my ups and downs, laughter and tears, broken and healed hearts. Three relationships were profound, intimate, soul connecting – a passionate first love, a thirteen year marriage and a mature, tender love. I was at the bedside of my first love, along with his wife, the day he died. The other two are true, deep friends till this day.

By the time I met my beloved Frank in 2004, my lifetime self-tutorial included gender studies and training in Tantric Yoga. I had compiled the ultimate “what-I-want- in-a- man” list with my ultimate item: “a man who is brilliant at creating relationships.”  People were skeptical, but Frank is that man. Goes to show, you get what you ask for, but you have to be wise enough to ask for the right thing.

Living with and loving Frank is truly a blessing and one that can be shared. Together, we’ve got 138 years of life experience and counting, and the commitment and training to help make your love, sex and relationship dreams come true.

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