Joni Caldwell Lerner, M.Bsc., Transition Specialist

Transition Specialist

Joni Caldwell Lerner is a Transition Specialist with 30 years of experience as a life and business coach. With the advent of her divorce and her mid-life physical and spiritual transformation, she has recommitted herself to her coaching business, going from part time to full time, with a voracious intention to sharing the path of personal success in hopes of inspiring others to live their best lives.

Joni approaches coaching and life with practicality, enthusiasm and positivity. She has kicked her mission to make a difference into high gear by sharing her wisdom and experience through one-on-one coaching, workshops, retreats, and what she calls “VIP” days.

Joni’s wildly successful podcast, “Spiritual Aliveness with Joni” is in 69 different countries globally and covers a range of topics designed to invite deep thought, change, some tears, and a lot of laughs. Her guests are inspirational and share a commitment to live their most alive lives.

Joni is currently a partner in a company working on a global mobile coaching platform to make a difference on a massive scale.

Joni’s academic background includes a B.A. from UCLA, an M.Bsc. from the University of Metaphysics and an NLP Executive Coaching Certification, and EFT training. This foundation provides her with insights and tools to inspire and empower people in achieving synergy and success in all areas of their lives.

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