Jim Fent, Marriage & Family Therapist

I believe we all have the incredible ability to heal, restore and renew our lives. In essence, change is possible, hope is essential and life is worth living. I strive to treat everyone with compassion, dignity and respect. Life is a journey and it is an honor for me to share part of the journey with you. Personal growth is truly the Hero’s Journey, it is not necessarily easy, but always rewarding. For many, the journey includes the difficult and painful lesson of learning to love themselves.
When we truly love ourselves, the rest of our lives and our relationships inexplicably come together in a positive way. I have found that both men and women feel comfortable and at ease with me. I enjoy working with couples, anxiety and depression.
With over 25 years of experience in the healthcare field, I understand the unique needs of healthcare providers. I have an affinity for healthcare providers with extensive experience working with physicians, nurses and psychotherapists. Embrace the Hero’s Journey. Call for an appointment today.
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