Frank Wiegers, Sex & Relationship Coach

Sex & Relationship Counselor & Coach

I am a veteran of the Vietnam War where I flew F-100s and a veteran of the relationship wars where I managed to get divorced three times. When I decided I didn’t want anymore wars I began to study everything I could find about love, sex, and relationship.

Although my formal degrees are in unrelated fields (Law, Engineering, and Business) I do know how to study and I found teachers from Europe, India and a Native American Shaman. I approached my study of love, sex, and relationship with the same dedication and discipline that it took to get three degrees and be a fighter pilot.

I loved the excitement of flying and after my stint as a fighter pilot I taught flying and aerobatics, winning the Arizona State Aerobatic championship and performing in air shows. I also raced sports cars in the U.S. and formula cars in Europe. I now compete on a winning yacht racing crew.

I completed the Science of Mind Practi­tioner and Ministerial Course with Terry Cole-Whittaker, and the Relationship Coaching Institute Singles and Couples Coaching course. I am licensed by The Relationship Coaching Institute.

I believe that love and sex are a spiritual practice and that relationships, especially love relationships are the foundation of everything we do. To have a consistent sustainable sexual relationship requires skills and abilities for which many of us received very little if any training. Contrary to popular opinion, great sex does not come instinctively or just happen because we are in love. It takes training and practice in both sex and relationship to bring us the ecstatic life we want.

I now have the relationship of my dreams and am able to practice what I preach with Judith.

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