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Cindy Chong, Founder, Lace it Up Events

Founder, Lace It Up Events
Cindy Chong, the founder of Lace It Up Events, is an avid marathoner and became a member of the 7 continent marathon club with her finish in Rio de Janeiro. Cindy brings over 20 years of experience designing effective sales and marketing campaigns. Her travel to conventions nationwide keeps her on the cutting edge of industry trends. Her fresh ideas and innovative mind set will keep your company on the forefront of social networking and branding.
Lace It Up Events has over 20 years of experience staging fitness events across the nation. We bring a wealth of knowledge and endless passion to create amazing experiences. Whether you’re planning a 5k Run/Walk or an elaborate adventure race, Lace It Up Events is your premier event director. Let us add you to our esteemed list of happy clients!
Lace it up events has a passion and enthusiasm for the fitness industry, which shows in their dedication and work ethic. Every component of your event will be managed successfully with poise and professionalism. Let us champion your event. Lace Up and let’s get started!
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