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Alexandra Levin, Executive Coach and Development Expert

Executive Coach and Development Expert

ALEXANDRA LEVIN is an Executive Coach, Training and Development Expert, and Management Consultant who works with entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners, and professionals. Her clients produce extraordinary results in their performance, directly impacting the bottom line, personal and professional results and financial success. Her expertise is in the areas of personal and professional success, satisfaction, performance, effectiveness, leadership development, management training, communication, customer service, sales, teamwork, business consulting, and human potential development. Having worked as a leader and corporate executive for 25 years, Alexandra possesses strong leadership and management expertise to support organizations in vision, strategy development and fulfillment. This same capacity allows her to empower individuals in their own vision and future evolvement. Alexandra co-created The Back Forty INFUSE Program, which supports midlifers to cause the second half of life as an inspiring, radical, and purposeful best half, based on the premise that “the best is yet to come and, babe, won’t it be fine!” She holds an MBA and an SPHR certification and delivers coaching, workshops, training programs and consulting on issues such as living an empowered life, transforming organizational culture, humanity in the work place, leadership, teamwork, and executive reinvention. A single mother of two young-adult daughters, she has been through many of life’s challenges. Emigrating from Russia at 19, after awaiting government sanction for 13 years, she left her parents behind, not knowing if she would ever see them again. Coming to America, she absorbed education and simple freedoms she never knew existed. After two marriages and building an admirable corporate career, her next half of life is directed towards the spiritual and inspirational empowerment of others. For a special treat, ask Alexandra about loving her wrinkles.

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