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2017 Year of New Beginnings: Numerology Tutorial! My Numerology Universal Global Number

If you are interested in numerology, this numerology tutorial will show you how to use numerology to find clarity and purpose for the New Year. This tutorial covers all the basics of numerology, and how to use it to have your best year ever! We take a look at our numerology universal global number and how we […]

2nd Act Outtakes: My Menopausal Dementia Moment with Treva Brandon Scharf

Behind-the-scenes look into my menopausal dementia moment with writer, radio host, dating coach, and super understanding go-with-the flow kinda’ friend, Treva Brandon Scharf. She get’s it! On a day when everything went wrong in production, and the brain fog was in full swing, Treva made it fun! To watch my interview with Treva on “sucking […]

2nd Act TV: Sex in the City Hits Menopause!

Patty Brisben, Founder and Chairwoman of Pure Romance, comments on the importance and relevance of 2nd Act TV, a show about taking charge of your physical, emotional and sexual health after 50! Living life to the fullest after 50! ——————————————————————————– 2nd Act TV — Digital TV for Baby Boomers — debunks taboo topics associated with […]

3 Simple Steps to Reinvent Your Life after 50: How to Create the Life You Really Want

Reinvention Specialist and Intentional Living Expert Diane Forster is back for part two of our Reinvent Your Life after 50 Series and create the life you really want! Diane shares 3 simple steps to reinvent life after 50 from her best-selling book, I Have Today: Find Your Passion, Purpose and Smile. Diane knows how it […]

5 Steps to Reinvent Your Career after 50! The 5 Steps of Reinvention!

Today, we continue our conversation with John Tarnoff on what action steps to take to reinvent our career after 50. John, a non-traditional reinvention career coach and author of the book Boomer Reinvention, takes us through his 5 steps of reinvention and provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for anyone over 50 to create their second […]

6 Secrets to Outmaneuver Society’s Negative View on Aging While Living Better After 50!

We have all seen it, the way that ageing is portrayed in our society. Society’s negative view on aging tends to lead one to accept a grim reality. But that simply is not the truth! Today, we explore 6 secrets to outmaneuver society’s negative view on aging with David Stewart, Founding Partner of […]

A BIG Reason Why You Should Run after 50!

Wondering why you should run after 50? This video shows you the benefits and reasons why you should run after 50. You can recreate your life after 50 by becoming a runner.  Running is not only great for losing weight and getting fit, running is a great way to meet new friends, socialize with like-minded […]

A Childfree Happily Ever After: Why More Women are Choosing Not to Have Children

Are you among the growing number of women who have chosen not to have children? Are you unsure about your decision? Meet Tanya Williams, author of A Childfree Happily Ever After, a book that brings the childfree conversation to life and lifts the veil on how childfree women are treated (and judged) in society. Tanya […]

A Hard Discussion for Men: Erectile Dysfunction

Has pole-vaulting out of bed in the morning become a thing of the past? Not for John Grant with An Optimal You, who experienced a resurgence of energy and vitality with bioidentical testosterone pellet therapy. What are the optimal testosterone levels for men over 50? Don’t confuse normal with optimal, John explains. Optimal testosterone levels […]

A Personal Trainer for Your PC Muscles?

Are you ready to fine-tune one of the most vital and often overlooked muscles in your body? The tone of your pelvic floor can make all the difference with bladder control and how you experience intimacy and pleasure. Strengthening your PC muscles will increase your awareness of the sensations in your pelvis and allow for […]

Advice for Women Dating after 50: When Do You Ask to be Exclusive?

Many women dating after 50 are in search of advice. If you are searching for advice, this video provides enlightening information for women dating after 50.  It’s the issue everyone dances around as a relationship evolves.  When do you ask to be exclusive?  If it’s too soon, will you look demanding or possessive?  When is […]

Advice on Living a Fulfilled Life and Starting a New Career after 50!

Today’s video is all about tips for starting a new career after 50. As part of our series with Kristin Kaufman, founder of Alignment, Inc., we continue to discuss finding passion in life after 50, bottom-line effectiveness, and personal fulfillment. If you think that starting a new career after 50 is what’s needed to keep […]