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Moving on after Gray Divorce: Permission to seek Happiness!

If you get married to find happiness, is it OK to divorce to be happy? Leaving an unhappy marriage does not guarantee finding happiness in a new relationship. How do we stop projecting past behaviors and stop making the same mistakes? Is resentment dictating our thoughts? Marriage and family therapist Jim Fent discusses taking a […]

Get Ready for Swimsuit Season! Tips for Feeling Good About Your Bathing Suit Body!

The weather is changing and so is our wardrobe. And at the heart of summer fashion is the “dreaded” swimsuit. Pool parties, heading to the beach, or just relaxing and catching some rays, wearing the bathing suit is something we often fear. How do you pick the right swimsuit for your body? How do you pick […]

Resources for Women over 50 and Motivation for Women Over 50, all in One Place!

Today we sit down with Shivaun Palmer, CEO and Founder of Plaid for Women. If you are in the 2nd half of life, Plaid for Women is a great place to find resources for women over 50. Plaid for Women’s site is filled with vital information from experts and every day people focused on providing […]

Turning 50: Taking Charge of Our Emotional Health!

For women everywhere, turning 50 is a major milestone that brings on a decade of transition. Change is no longer about “someday”. It’s all around us. And making healthy changes is now or never! Psychotherapist and Life Coach Jeanne Nelson returns with some helpful advice on taking charge of our emotional health and create the […]

Sex and Prostate Health: What Men and Women Need to Know for Optimal Prostate Health!

What do men (and women) need to know for optimal prostate health? How about that frequent (safe) sex is great for optimal prostate health. According to our guest, sex coach and founder of Entice Me, Tiffany Yelverton, research shows that 21 ejaculations per month reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 30%. Further, what men […]

Finding Love after 50: Does Sexual History Matter? Putting an End to Sexual Shame

Does your sexual history really matter when finding love again and starting a new relationship after 50? Surprisingly, even at this age, the question of how many sexual partners we’ve had comes up more often than not, stirring up unnecessary feelings of insecurity and sexual shame. According to Sexual Health Advocate Bonnie Gayle, our number […]

Fashion after 50: How to Dress to Boost Your Confidence and Feel Good about Yourself after 50!

When it comes to boosting your confidence after 50, receiving some unexpected compliments about the way you look can make your whole day! Like it or not, how we dress projects a lot about how we feel about ourselves, and how we’ll be perceived by the world around us. So how do we capture a […]

Why Do More Women Initiate Divorce after 50 Than Men? The Truth About Gray Divorce!

Why do so many more women than men initiate divorce after 50? A prevailing question about gray divorce from our male viewers who frequently state that “they were blindsided” when their wife “suddenly announced” that she wanted a divorce. Retired Family Court Judge and practicing Divorce Attorney, DeAnn Salcido, shares her professional and personal views […]

Is your Man in Menopause? Recognizing the Symptoms of Andropause!

What do men go through as their testosterone levels decline? How can Andropause be treated? Unlike the sudden loss of estrogen that women experience, the gradual loss of testosterone often takes years to make its impact on men with symptoms like irritability, fatigue, depression, loss of libido and sexual performance. Subscribe now to get more […]

Why is he ignoring me? Ghosting explained! Baby Boomer Dating Tips!

Have you been talking to someone online and all seems to be going well? Then suddenly, the person simply vanishes out of nowhere? It’s called “ghosting” and it happens to everyone. Even to the experts! Why do people ghost? Sandy Weiner, one of our 2nd Act online dating experts, explains “ghosting”, how it’s happened to […]

Divorce after 50: Can I leave a long-term Marriage?

At this time of resolutions and new beginnings, gray divorce remains a growing phenomena. Two thirds of women over 50 continue to initiate a long-term split to find happiness and self-fulfillment. But what is it like to actually go through divorce after 25, 30 or more years of marriage? Will the grass be greener? (Visited […]

How to Lose Weight after 50: The Answer is in Your Genes! DNA Testing for Weight Loss

Are you having trouble losing weight after 50? The answer to finally losing weight and getting fit after 50 may just be in your genes. DNA testing for weight loss is the hottest new trend in fitness, and may finally provide the answers those of us over 50 have been seeking for decades. What do […]