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Life after Death: What Happens after we die? Signs that Our Deceased Loved Ones are still with us!

What happens after we die? Is there life after death? If so, then is it possible that our deceased loved ones can send us signs they are still with us? Is there evidence that our deceased loved ones send us spirit messages? These are prevalent questions among Baby Boomers dealing with mortality. No matter what […]

Are You Living the Life You Really Want? What You Can Do to Start Reinventing Your Life TODAY!

Are you living the life you really want? That’s the key question to ask yourself to start reinventing your life today, according to best selling author and Intentional Living Expert Diane Forster. Am I living the life I really want? Diane is back for part 3 of our intentional living and reinvention series with great […]

Meet Hugo Rivera: Contemporary Figurative Artist Living Life after 50 with Passion!

At 2nd Act TV, we love to showcase examples of living life to the fullest after 50. Today we bring you Hugo Rivera, a Mexican contemporary figurative artist. Hugo is a shining example of living his life with purpose after 50 and pursuing his passion, which comes through in every piece of his art. His […]

Happiness after 50: Tips to Stop Chasing Happiness and Finding Fulfillment after 50!

Do you feel like you are in a constant chase to find happiness after 50? Stop chasing happiness! Happiness and fulfillment is probably the number one thing everyone is looking for, but we have likely been chasing after what we believe will make us happy, adopting the mindset that we’ll be happy when we get […]

Living a Fulfilled Life! Finding Passion and Meaning in Life after 50!

Let’s talk about working on purpose, finding passion, fulfillment and meaning in life after 50. Finding and living your passion in life is something a lot of people struggle with. Today, we have Alise Cortez, founder of Alise Cortez and Associates to discuss finding passion and meaning in life after 50. Are you working on […]

Reinventing Life after 50: Making a Midlife Career Change and Finding a Job You Love after 50

Are you looking to make a midlife career change or getting back to work after 50? Perhaps you are going through divorce after 50, how do you reenter the workforce after years of staying at home to raise your kids? According to Life and Career Coach Darrell Gurney, it’s absolutely possible to make a complete […]

Moving on after Gray Divorce: Permission to seek Happiness!

If you get married to find happiness, is it OK to divorce to be happy? Leaving an unhappy marriage does not guarantee finding happiness in a new relationship. How do we stop projecting past behaviors and stop making the same mistakes? Is resentment dictating our thoughts? Marriage and family therapist Jim Fent discusses taking a […]

Reinventing Your Life after 50: Creating the Life You REALLY Want to Live!

Are you living the life you really want to live? If the answer is no, this 3-part video series is for you. Meet Intentional Living Expert, Reinvention Specialist, and Best Selling Author of I Have Today, Diane Forster. Diane has helped women (and men) across the country discover their true passion and purpose and reinvent […]

6 Secrets to Outmaneuver Society’s Negative View on Aging While Living Better After 50!

We have all seen it, the way that ageing is portrayed in our society. Society’s negative view on aging tends to lead one to accept a grim reality. But that simply is not the truth! Today, we explore 6 secrets to outmaneuver society’s negative view on aging with David Stewart, Founding Partner of Agei.st. Agei.st […]

Childfree Over 50: Dealing with Unsolicited Advice, Opinions and Judgement about Choosing Childfree

More women than ever are making the choice to be childfree. Whatever their reasons – be it financial, lifestyle, not having maternal instincts – it is clear that many are questioned about their decision and are often given unsolicited advice and opinions that they will change their minds or regret their decision when they are […]

Advice on Living a Fulfilled Life and Starting a New Career after 50!

Today’s video is all about tips for starting a new career after 50. As part of our series with Kristin Kaufman, founder of Alignment, Inc., we continue to discuss finding passion in life after 50, bottom-line effectiveness, and personal fulfillment. If you think that starting a new career after 50 is what’s needed to keep […]

Recreating Life after 50: The Surprising Benefits of Going to a Clothing Optional Resort after 50

Have you ever wondered if you could go to a clothing optional resort? Your first instinct is likely “I could NEVER do that – especially at my age!” What you may be surprised to know is that a good majority of guests at most clothing optional resorts are between the ages of 45 and 60, […]