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2nd Act Outtakes: My Menopausal Dementia Moment with Treva Brandon Scharf

Behind-the-scenes look into my menopausal dementia moment with writer, radio host, dating coach, and super understanding go-with-the flow kinda’ friend, Treva Brandon Scharf. She get’s it! On a day when everything went wrong in production, and the brain fog was in full swing, Treva made it fun! To watch my interview with Treva on “sucking […]

A Personal Trainer for Your PC Muscles?

Are you ready to fine-tune one of the most vital and often overlooked muscles in your body? The tone of your pelvic floor can make all the difference with bladder control and how you experience intimacy and pleasure. Strengthening your PC muscles will increase your awareness of the sensations in your pelvis and allow for […]

Advice for Women Dating after 50: When Do You Ask to be Exclusive?

Many women dating after 50 are in search of advice. If you are searching for advice, this video provides enlightening information for women dating after 50.  It’s the issue everyone dances around as a relationship evolves.  When do you ask to be exclusive?  If it’s too soon, will you look demanding or possessive?  When is […]

All Tied Up: Fifty Shades 101

With all the buzz about Fifty Shades of Grey – and readership in the millions among women of our age – we thought it fitting to provide a light-hearted look into actually dabbling with pure vanilla fantasy play. Have fun!  

An Honest Orgasm: Rediscovering Sensuality after 50!

Achieving an orgasm is a much more automatic response for men than it is for women. Arousal and responsiveness becomes even more difficult during and after menopause. Join the 2nd Act cast at a Pure Romance Party where the discussion on rediscovering sensuality is anything but anticlimactic!

Are There Any Good Men Left after 50? Why Women Get Down on Dating after 50 and What to Do About It!

One of the most prevalent beliefs – and complaints – women have when getting back into the dating scene after 50 is that there are not any good men left. (Men often feel the same way about their female counterparts). While the era of on-line dating opened a fast-track world to match making, it also […]

Baby Boomer Dating Tips!!! Tips for Writing Online Dating Emails!!!

Continuing our series of Baby Boomer dating tips with Sandy Weiner, expert dating coach for women, we talk tips for writing online dating emails. Email writing for online dating is a key part of the process, especially writing a great first online dating email! Today, on 2nd Act TV, we talk about examples as we […]

Baby Boomer Dating Tips!!! Good Online Dating Profile Pictures!!!

Continuing our series with Sandy Weiner, expert dating coach for women over 40, we talk about what makes a good online dating profile picture. These expert baby boomer dating tips cover everything you need to know to take the perfect profile picture. From what to wear and who to include, these are great […]

Baby Boomer Dating Tips!!! How to Attract Men with the Right Attitude!

This week we dive into some expert baby boomer dating tips. Having the right attitude to online dating is key to finding Mr. Right. If you want to know how to attract men using online dating, you’re in the right place! Sandy Weiner, expert dating coach for women over 40, is here to provide some […]

Baby Boomer Dating Tips!!! Online Dating Websites for Boomers

This week we dive in for some expert baby boomer dating tips. Online dating websites can be a challenge. Sandy Weiner, expert dating coach for women over 40, is here to provide some expert baby boomer dating advice. Want to know the best online dating websites for boomers? Tune in for that and more […]

Baby Boomer Dating Tips!!! Writing Great Online Dating Profiles For Women!!!

Continuing our series with Sandy Weiner, expert dating coach for women, we sharpen our pencils and discuss writing great online dating profiles. What should be considered when writing great online dating profiles for women? Writing a profile can be daunting, but these tips will have you writing the perfect online dating profile in no […]

Bouncing Back Strong After a Loss: Growing from an Ended Relationship

By choice or circumstance, at this stage in life, more and more Baby Boomers are faced with ended relationships. Marriage and Family Therapist Jeanne Nelson discusses how we can turn painful loss into invigorated growth by putting the lessons of an ended relationship to work!