The Production Team

Rick: The Director


Advancing the vital male perspective, director Rick Graves maintains a steady on and off camera presence in the creation and development of the show.  A symbiotic meeting with former neighbor Silke prompted Rick to spearhead the production of 2nd Act TV. An accomplished high-energy action photographer from the world of motor sports, Rick bravely stepped out of his testosterone-laden comfort zone to conduct the turbulent Estrogen Express.  For more on Rick, see


Laura: The Producer


Coming full-circle thirty years later, Laura and Silke became life-long friends in college, subsequently joining forces in graduate school.  Upon earning their MBA's, the duo sought to open a boutique production and events company … but life had a different course in mind.  Laura set out for the Big Apple and after a brief stint on the agency side, started a 25-year dance with the Clown at the Golden Arches.  In addition to hot flashes, Laura brings vast production, advertising, communication, strategic planning and public relations experience to developing 2nd Act TV.


Russel: The Editor


More than just the editor, Russel is a talented photographer and hands-on shooter who Rick enlisted for 2nd Act TV from its inception. In the edit suite, Russel is doused with more "menopausal girl talk" … over and over and over again … than any one man should ever have to endure. Whatever cruel twist Karma had in mind, Russel's creative vision and gracious disposition continue to capture and cut the essential messages of "menopause without a manual".  For more about Russel, visit


Lars: The Reporter


An "on again off again" local radio and television reporter, (and married to cast member Tracey), Lars brightens the 2nd Act Man Talk set with his beguiling charm and boyish good looks.  Among Lars' natural talents, he brings empathy and first hand experience in dealing with a menopausal woman (11-years his senior) when capturing the man's point-of-view.  In addition to his role as roaming reporter, Lars co-hosts the 2nd Act Radio show with Tracey.


Paula: The Designer


Not your typical "right-brained" creative director and designer, Paula built her career on the corporate side where it's not good advertising unless it sells! An artist, illustrator and avid painter, Paula learned how to kern type, create layouts, and manage production without the aid of a computer. (Can you say Baby Boomer?)  Silke and Paula's friendship began 25-years ago, agency side in Dallas.  Steering in the fast lane to menopause, Paula "gets it" and jumped in to help Silke package and sell the concept of 2nd Act TV.  For more about Paula, visit


Bobby: The Music Man


From his beginnings as a "rock star" with STARZ, Bobby Messano is Silke's lifelong friend from the high school days. Today a legendary studio and live guitarist/singer, Bobby has garnered fifteen First Round Grammy Nominations and in December of 2012 was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame. A Boomer and ranking member of gray divorce, Bobby was quick to offer his talents and original music for 2nd Act TV.  Download theme song "Guess life always works that way" at