In the Beginning: The Pilot Cast

Reality Television in action, 2nd Act TV is the product of one woman’s awakening after crossing the half century mark.  

slate hormonal reunionIn the midst of ending a 25-year marriage, creator Silke Jones developed the show’s concept based on her stormy, emotional and – more often than initially anticipated – comical experiences with starting life over at fifty.

Appropriately dubbed “Hormonal Reunion,” the pilot shoot featured a circle of real high school friends reuniting 35-years later to discover that, not unlike in high school, all are navigating major life issues … now with just a few more wrinkles!

A supportive setting (and a few glasses of wine) prompts open conversation about highly personal matters that surprisingly are not so unique! The desire to have true love, purpose, passion, and yes – hot sex – is alive and kicking after 50. The challenge is taking stock and –  if need be – charting a new course in the era of “menopause without a manual.”

Silke: The Social Director

In the midst of ending a withering 25-year marriage, Silke – dubbed “SD” (social director) in high school – reunites with old friends to discover she is not alone in her quest to find renewed purpose, passion and happiness. A statistic of gray divorce, Silke developed the show’s concept based on her experience of leaving a long-term marriage and starting over at 50. Drawing from her diverse group of friends, she assembled a talented production team, gathered her “anti-aging” posse, and together created 2nd Act TV.

Debbie: The Conservative

DebbieFinancially successful and confident (while easily embarrassed), Debbie (Silke’s best friend since 7th grade) owns and operates a Montessori School. Debbie has 3 children spaced every six years – the most recent at age 40. Her late-in-life pregnancy has maintained her focus on self-preservation and staying young. It also caused her significant hormonal issues affecting her quality of life and ending her 20-year marriage. Debbie is “the voice of reason” – (mostly) – a no-nonsense woman with conservative, pragmatic views she has no problem expressing.

Tracey: The Cougar

tracyTwenty years and counting, Tracey is happily married to Man Talk reporter Lars – co-host of 2nd Act Radio with Tracey and Lars, 11-years her junior. Tracey remains Silke’s most outrageous friend dating back to 8th grade. A writer, director and acting coach, she has spent 40 years on stage and back stage. Nothing shocks Tracey, though the subject matters she shamelessly raises may shock the viewers – (in an engaging fashion)! Tracey “cuts to the chase” and opens the conversation 70’s style “everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask.” Her off-the-cuff and honest input will keep viewers – and Blog Talk listeners – tuning in for more.

Lisa: The Trainer

Lisa-Lisa is an avid fitness guru and personal trainer – she’s fifty and she can kick! Lisa and Silke were song leaders in 8th grade and leads in the high school dance department. Recently remarried, Lisa is the mother of three children and in excellent shape for a woman of any age. An academic and athletic scholarship athlete from UCLA, Lisa has facts and figures at her fingertips, and is well spoken in all things health and fitness related. For the past 3 years, she has conquered her own struggles with hormone related issues, hooked back up with Silke on Facebook, and joined the 2nd Act team to follow her passion of helping people get fit!

Stephanie: The Good Girl

StephanieTrue to her title description – (and despite Silke’s attempts to corrupt her) – Stephanie may be the only “good girl” left from the 70’s in So Cal. Married at 22 and bearing two boys with her high school sweetheart (never having explored the “temptations of the era”), Stephanie was the first of the cast to initiate Gray Divorce”. After 35-years of marriage, she vision-boarded her second act and is pursuing a passionate relationship with an old high school crush. A growing casualty of economic times, after Stephanie’s divorce was final, she was financially restrained to remain living with her ex-husband for over one year until their house sold.

Angela: The Entertainer

AngelaAngela is a speech therapist with two grown girls. Old high school classmates, Silke and Angela developed a close friendship in college where – thanks (or “no thanks”) to Silke – she met her first husband and entered a miserable marriage that derailed from her God-given talents to live life center-stage. A gifted dancer and actress in her college days, Angela brings a Carol Burnett-style personality to the cast. Remarried four years ago, Angela inherited six children and is navigating the world of “step-motherhood”. Some recent bouts with menopausal stress promoted an uncharacteristic weight gain, lending Angela an empathetic view for women with similar struggles.

Maureen: The Comic

MaureenMaureen hitched her sweetheart at nineteen (with Silke as her Maid of Honor) and it stuck! Maureen is a dedicated wife and whacky mom to three children. She’s a retired grocery checker of 25-years, and now works as an aid with special needs kids. Zany and engaging, Maureen is a jovial woman who embraces the simple things in life. She never fails to make you laugh. Bitten by the menopausal monster, Maureen has a telling way of sharing her experiences. She can make every short story long and keep her audience in stitches. She is a sought after commodity at any party!

Janette: The Beautician

JanetteAnother member of the 8th grade song leading squad, Janette is a popular hair-stylist who spent her thirties as a competitive body builder, to date still donning the “fruits of her labor.” She is extremely fit. After 17-years of marriage, her divorce from a lawyer was less than amicable, leaving the marriage with little to show other than muscle. She never had children, and has actively lived the single life for the past 5 years. She is currently in a somewhat committed – if not all together perfect – relationship, lending her a recent viewpoint of reentering the dating scene at 50.

Karen: The Caretaker

KarenOne of ten children from a traditional Catholic family, Karen quickly learned to be strong and independent. Silke and Karen started their lifelong friendship after high school when they were roommates with Debbie and Stephanie. On her own at 17, her work ethic moved her quickly up the ranks at Trader Joe’s, assuming a top management position. After a 10-year struggle to get pregnant, her sister became her surrogate, carrying twin boys. Necessity dictated that Karen support the family while her husband took on the role of stay-at-home dad – a role she longed to reverse. When the boys turned 10, Karen sacrificed her career track to spend more time with her boys. Now, off to college, she is feeling the empty nest and pings of Gray Divorce, and is finally seeking to put herself first.