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Over 50 and Childless: Redirecting Your Need to Nurture. #NoMeanGirls

Are you a woman over 50 who was unable to have children? If so, how did not having children change the course of your life? How did you express your need to nurture? While many women (and men) are left devastated with not having children of their own, for many the ensuing need to nurture is channeled in directions with far-reaching benefits for so many others. Today Shivaun Palmer, founder of Plaid for Women, shares her story of accepting the fact she wasn’t able to have children, becoming a step-mother of four girls, and creating #NoMeanGirls – a national campaign to stop the bullying among girls and young women. Were you ever bullied, or were you a bully? How is that affecting you in life after 50? Please leave us your comments.

For information about the #NoMeanGirls national conference, click here: https://www.nomeangirls.com/

To register and receive $50 off the #NoMeanGirls conference pass, use discount code #NMGSILKE and click here: https://www.nomeangirls.com/

For more information on Shivaun and Plaid for Women, click here: http://www.plaidforwomen.com/

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